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International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service

IAG/IERS Working Group on Site Survey and Co-location

This Working Group will revise the state of the art of local ties surveying and computation, set guidelines and support on field operations wherever needed. A major scientific challenge is to investigate the sources of the biases stemming from the combinations of technique specific frames and tie vectors estimated with terrestrial observations. This Working Group is joint with IAG. Further details can be found in the WG Charter (IERS Working Group on Site Survey and Co-location) (PDF, 14KB, Not barrier-free file.).


Activities and results of work are described in the following documents.


Ryan Hippenstiel
Sten Bergstrand (co-chair)


Claudio Abbondanza, Claudio.Abbondanza [at] jpl.nasa.gov (JPL, USA)
Zuheir Altamimi, zuheir.altamimi [at] ign.fr (IGN, France)
Graham Appleby, gapp [at] nerc.ac.uk, (NERC, UK)
Detlef Angermann, detlef.angermann [at] tum.de (DGFI-TUM, Germany)
Sten Bergstrand, sten.bergstrand [at] ri.se (RISE, Sweden)
Giuseppe Bianco, giuseppe.bianco [at] asi.it (ASI, Italy)
Steven Breidenbach, steve.breidenbach [at] noaa.gov (NGS, USA)
Xavier Collilieux, xavier.collilieux [at] ign.fr (IGN, France)
John Dawson, John.Dawson [at] ga.gov.au (Geoscience Australia)
John Degnan, john.degnan [at] sigmaspace.com (Sigma Space, USA) (ILRS repr.)
Cornelia Eschelbach, cornelia.eschelbach [at] fb1.fra-uas.de (Frankfurt Univ. of Applied Sciences, Germany)
Kendall Fancher, kendall.fancher [at] noaa.gov (NGS, USA)
Bruno Garayt, bruno.garayt [at] ign.fr (IGN, France)
Charles Geoghegan, charles.geoghegan [at] noaa.gov (NGS, USA)
Richard S. Gross, richard.s.gross [at] jpl.nasa.gov (JPL, USA)
Rüdiger Haas, rudiger.haas [at] chalmers.se (Chalmers, Sweden) (IVS repr.)
Robert Heinkelmann, rob [at] gfz-potsdam.de (GFZ, Germany)
Ryan Hippenstiel, ryan.hippenstiel [at] noaa.gov (NGS, USA)
Ulla Kallio, ulla.kallio [at] fgi.fi (Finnish Geodetic Institute, Finland)
Georg Kirchner, Georg.Kirchner [at] oeaw.ac.at (OEAW, Austria) (ILRS repr.)
Jean-Michel Lemoine, Jean-Michel.Lemoine [at] cnes.fr (CNES, France) (IDS repr.)
Jim Long, Jim.Long [at] Honeywell.com (Honeywell, USA)
Michael Lösler, michael.loesler [at] fb1.fra-uas.de (Frankfurt Univ. of Applied Sciences, Germany)
Daniel MacMillan, daniel.s.macmillan [at] nasa.gov (NVI, Inc./NASA GSFC, USA) (IVS repr.)
Valerie Michel, valerie.michel [at] ign.fr (IGN, France)
Erricos Pavlis, epavlis [at] umbc.edu (Univ. Maryland, USA)
Mike Pearlman, mpearlman [at] cfa.harvard.edu (Harvard-Smithsonian, USA)
Jean-Claude Poyard, jean-claude.poyard [at] ign.fr (IGN, France)
Pierguido Sarti, p.sarti [at] ira.inaf.it (IRA-INAF, Italy)
Jerome Saunier, jerome.saunier [at] ign.fr (IGN, France)
Ralf Schmid, schmid [at] bv.tum.de (TU Muenchen, Germany)
Ulrich Schreiber, schreiber [at] fs.wettzell.de (TU Muenchen, Germany) (ILRS repr.)
Manuela Seitz, manuela.seitz [at] tum.de (DGFI-TUM, Germany)
Daniela Thaller, daniela.thaller [at] bkg.bund.de (BKG, Germany)
Cédric Tourain, cedric.tourain [at] cnes.fr (CNES, France) (IDS repr.)
Luca Vittuari, luca.vittuari [at] mail.ing.unibo.it (Univ. Bologna, Italy)


Ryan Hippenstiel
NOAA's National Geodetic Survey
1315 East-West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3282
email: ryan.hippenstiel [at] noaa.gov