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International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service


The IERS was established in 1987 by the International Astronomical Union and the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics. According to the Terms of Reference, the IERS accomplishes its mission through the following components: Technique Centres, Product Centres, Combination Centres, Analysis Coordinator, Central Bureau, Directing Board.

About IERS

General information about the IERS: Objectives, organization chart, structure details, IERS components, Terms of Reference, Reports and Minutes, history, contact the IERS.


IERS Directing Board

The DB exercises general control over the activities of the service and modifies the organization as appropriate to maintain efficiency and reliability, while taking full advantage of the advances in technology and theory.


IERS Analysis Coordinator

The Analysis Coordinator is responsible for the long-term and internal consistency of the IERS reference frames and other products. He is responsible for ensuring the appropriate combination of the Technique Centres products into the single set of official IERS products and the archiving of the products at the Central Bureau or elsewhere.


Product Centres

Earth Orientation Centre - Rapid Service/Prediction Centre - Conventions Centre - ICRS Centre - ITRS Centre - Global Geophysical Fluids Centre.


Technique Centres

The Technique Centres are autonomous independent services, which cooperate with the IERS: International GNSS Service - International Laser Ranging Service - International VLBI Service - International DORIS Service.


IERS Central Bureau

The Central Bureau is responsible for the general management of the IERS consistent with the directives and policies set by the Directing Board, i.e., acts as the executive arm of the Directing Board.


ITRS Combination Centres

The ITRS Combination Centres are responsible to provide ITRF products by combining ITRF inputs from the Technique Centres and others. Such products are provided to the ITRS Center.


Working groups

Working Groups have been established to investigate particular topics related to the IERS components.



List of IERS workshops since 2002.