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International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service


The IERS issues Messages to distribute news, Bulletins to provide Earth orientation data, Technical Notes to publish research results and proceedings of workshops, and Annual Reports to inform the public about its work.

IERS Messages

The IERS Messages contain short and rapid information about the IERS and its products for contributors and users. They replace the IERS Gazettes, issued between 1996 and 2000.

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IERS Bulletins

IERS Bulletins contain rapid and monthly earth orientation data as well as leap second announcements and announcements of DUT1 distributed via e-mail or by downloading.


IERS Technical Notes

The IERS Technical Notes give technical information related to the IERS activities, e.g. reference frames, excitation of the earth rotation, computational or analysis aspects, models, etc.


IERS Annual Reports

The annual reports contain description of the activities of all components of the IERS within a specific year and give additional information on IERS structure, contacts and Terms of Reference.


Publications about the IERS

IERS bibliography - Links to publications about IERS.


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